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Understanding the theory of Oriental medicine and how it has maintained health of the human body for centuries basically is by virtue of following the pathways of flow of blood in human body. Life exists based on this flow, diseases appear due to lack or blockage of it, and illness is cured by its emergence. The knowledge of the pathways of blood flow that carries energy and cellular information in Traditional Oriental Medicine is equivalent of the science of human Anatomy and Physiology in western medicine. Oriental med by the use of acupuncture needles (that are as thin as whisker of a cat) made of very sharp disposable stainless steel (one time use only), has access into the channels of energy and information for opening the blocked receptors simply make the flow smoother or more refined. Since disruption happens at an unseen level, the losses go unnoticed until they have progressed to a very late stage of physical pain. Periodic acupuncture treatments preserve health and prevent disruption of flow of life.

Learn about the problems caused by Vagus Nerve disorders and how AFL may be able to help you. >>

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